When you will


When you’re on your knees
I will comfort you,
I will bring you peace
when you’re on your knees.

When you kneel to pray
I will send the light
to guide your way,
when you kneel to pray.

When you will to stand
I will give you strength,
I will hold your hand
when you will to stand.

Keeping faith

Into the light

When we step away
from the shadows
into the light,
we become one with it,
ever looking forward
on our journey home.

A Vale of Tears

Adult survivors, there are many,
looking for recovery, searching for peace
in their need to stop the flow of tears
running across their cheeks.

Sexual abuse stole my childhood,
so I, too, longed for recovery,
searching for peace
in my need to end this great sorrow.

Alcoholism stole my life,
so I longed for freedom from addiction
until recovery became a way of life
as I followed the path from darkness to light.

The 12 steps gave me the tools
to heal from a wounded childhood,
while writing my poems and stories
gave me a way to light a candle for others.

Face to face with the second step


I thought it would be hard to let go,
to let the river of my life
flow into the ocean of His.

But it was so simple.

As soon as I was ready
to lay down my burden,
He did the rest for me.

Looking for hope

find the light
I take small steps
on this path we call healing,
small steps
to keep me well.
I do small things
on this path we call living,
small things
to keep me safe.
But I have great hope
on this path we call loving,
great hope
to light my way.